Wristbands. Wristband Specialty is now offering our new "DREAM YOUR OWN CUSTOM WRISTBAND" call us with whatever you would like on a wristband and we will ship it to you the same day you ordered it. Available on our exclusive high security fiberbands®
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Test Tube Shot Tubes
Wristband Specialty Shot Tubes comes in all different sizes and colors. We also have Bullet Shots.

Call us now at 1-800-940-3993 or 954-571-3993 to speak to a wrist band specialist.
We recommend that calling a specialist to determine your needs is the ONLY way to buy wristbands.

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solid_color_paper_wristbands3/4 Tyvek® Wristbands
Solid Colors


metallic_style_wristbands3/4 Tyvek® Wristband Metallic Colors


fan_style_wristbands_for_any_eventHalf inch Tyvek Wristband Solid Colors

meltdown_style_paper_wristbands1 inch Tyvek® Wristband Solid Colors
tyvek_paper_wristbands3/4 Tyvek® Wristband Arrow Up Style wristbands that are made of Tyvek3/4 Tyvek® Wristband Hypnotic Style
fan_style_wristbands_for_any_eventPurchase our
Close_Out Misprints
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Holiday_wristbands_for_sale. Pick _any_ocassion_and_customize_it_to_fit_your_eventOrder your Custom Occasion Wristbands Online. You can also put your own custom print on these.
Glow_in_the_dark_vinyl_wristbandsON SALE NOW
Mardi Gras Beads on Sale $9.99 per bag of 144

Cloth WristbandsNew Woven
Cloth Wristbands.

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Established in 1973 and now has grown to become Wristband Specialty. The Direct Source for your wristbands.
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WRISTBAND SPECIALTY Our name says it all..
1650 NW 33rd Str, Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Call: 800-940-3993

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Free UV light with a purchase of 4 or more Boxes of Tyvek Wristband Solid Colors.

Our Tyvek® bands or Fiberbands®, are the perfect method of identifying your paying customers. Tyvek Wristbands or Fiberbands® can be used for nightclubs, hip hop niteclubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, schools, day care centers, tour groups,crowd management, special privileges, catering, age ID, height restrictions, and any application where a visual means of identification is needed. Made of strong, waterproof, lightweight Tyvek®, wristbands comfortably adjust to any size and are easily applied to the wrist with an adhesive strip.

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We now Carry Thermal Tickets with the Hologram Thru-out the Ticket. Better for security.
Customize your
Thermal Tickets
Consecutive Bar Codes and Serial numbers and
QR Codes
Call us about our Fiberband Security Wristband 1-800-940-3993

"High Security WRISTBANDS"

Our special Fiberband UV Tyvek® wristbands come with an invisible image that can only be seen under a black light, for added security

Vinyl Wristbands -
Call us to custom Print 800-940-3993.
Plastic Wristbands -
Call us to custom Print 800-940-3993.
vinyl_wristbands_purchase_on_wristband_supplyIf no custom print purchase Online Here plastic_wristbands_purchase_on_wristband_supplyIf no custom print purchase Online Here
BEFORE you purchase somewhere else, CALL US! WHY? It's all about Security. We protect the consumer. Because all wristbands are NOT created equal!
There are many different thicknesses of Tyvek wrist bands and Plastic Wristbands There are many different glue strengths. We sell high quality wrist bands at fair prices!
BUY DIRECT FROM THE SOURCECall us now at 1-800-940-3993 or 954-571-3993
to speak to a wrist band specialist.

Wristband ID Bands - Wristband Specialtywristbands

Your SECURITY WRISTBAND item should be purchased from a company that does not sell the same WRISTBAND to stores. Our Wristbands are not the same call us to find out about our security features..

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